How To Maintain Your Solar Panels

How To Maintain Your Solar Panels

Here at Charlyn Group, we proudly offer solar energy solutions and cater to a huge range of clients across Victoria with our solar panel installation services. In addition to specialising in installation and upgrades, our services also include solar panel maintenance and solar panel repairs. Depending on our client’s needs and the set-up of the property, we’ll tailor our solutions to meet your requirements.

Although we partner with many reputable leading brands, such as LG and Suntech, that utilise innovative technology with minimal maintenance required over the years, we still believe that it is important to know how to keep on top of looking after your solar system yourself. That way, you’ll only have to call the experts in when something drastically goes wrong. Here are our top do-it-yourself tips for keeping on top of the maintenance of your solar system.

So, you might be wondering, “What is involved in solar panel maintenance and cleaning?” as well as “when will I require the help of specialists or contractors?”. In most cases, you might be able to get on top of a minor issue to save you time and money, and maintaining your solar panels is simple and can be something that you can do on your own and in your own time.

Depending on the location of your property and the area you live in as well as the climate of where you live will determine how frequently you’ll need to clean your solar panels. Late Spring or Summer is often a good time to do a clean, as these are the seasons when there might be a layer of pollen that’s settled. In the cooler months when it rains more, you’ll probably not need to worry about cleaning as the water from rainfall will naturally rinse your solar panels.

Before you immediately go climbing onto your roof, you need to first prepare yourself and gather all of the appropriate equipment. If your roof has more than one story, fragile tiling or a very steep pitch, it’s advisable to purchase an extension for the handle of your washing tool to make the job easier. Above all else, safety is key, so make sure you take every precaution to ensure that you’re protected when it comes to any task that is undertaken.

Tools and equipment Tools that you will require include:

  • A hose with a sprayer attachment
  • A small, soft brush
  • A soft brush with an extendable or long handle
  • A solar power monitoring system
  • A squeegee or window wiper/microfiber cleaning cloth on a handle

Although you can buy cleaning kits specifically, a lot of the tools can be found in a basic car cleaning kit. 

Basic steps for solar panel maintenance and cleaning

1. First assess whether your solar panels need cleaning. This is where having a solar power monitoring system will come in handy as it will track the energy output of your solar system and you’ll be able to monitor its effectiveness.

2. Prep and gather your supplies. With regards to cleaning equipment, make sure that everything you purchase is non-abrasive and doesn’t leave a residue. Eco-friendly alternatives include pure castille soap. Check guidelines from your solar panel manufacturers as they’ll also have cleaning and maintenance tips.

3. Gently remove any debris from on top of the solar panels and apply soft pressure when removing dirt from surfaces. Rubbing hard or vigorously could result in scratches on the solar panels.

4. Rinse your solar panels with a hose and again, make sure that the water pressure is minimal so that you don’t risk causing any damage to the panels. Also using a microfibre cloth can get rid of any residue.

5. Make sure you’re monitoring your solar system’s energy output so that you know when it’s next due for a clean. If you need any more information about maintenance and cleaning or are interested in solar panel installation, get in touch with us today.

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