At Charlyn Group, we proudly offer solar energy solutions, where our solar installation services cater to a wide range of clients in Frankston & all across Victoria. We can ensure a hassle-free process that is competitively priced for residential or commercial properties. Our experienced technicians can offer solutions to any electrical issues you might have regarding solar panels for home or work environments. 

We specialise in upgrades and solar installation Frankston wide and across Victoria in addition to solar panel maintenance and solar panel repairs. We can tailor a solar system to your specific needs that will best suit the property. Our experts can install your system within an efficient time frame aiming to cause a minimal distraction to your residential home or business. Our highly trained technicians specialise in system analysis, performance diagnosis and other general maintenance. 

Our customers also have the option to choose from premium and high-level inverters and panels. If you’re interested in installing solar panels and are after a quote, you can expect to receive one within 48 hours. There are also several solar rebates available to Victorian residents that will make the solar panel installation more affordable. One of the Victorian government initiatives is Solar Victoria, and you can find more information about this rebate here.

We partner with reputable leading brands that are utilising innovative technology and design when it comes to solar installation Franskon wide and all across Victoria.

Brands Include:

Although they carry an initial upfront cost, solar panels are well worth the investment. If you live in Melbourne or regional Victoria and have any questions about solar energy, or require more information on our range of services, get in touch with our friendly team today. Our specialists will be happy to answer any questions and provide details on solar panel installation. You’ll be surprised by just how much you might be able to save with solar power.